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From the beginning the beat reaches out and grabs your attention. The artist flow is amazing, Iā€™m totally digging him. The hook is fire too. 10 From me.
— Beat Review



BDT is Trevor Mathews a Native American Christian Hip Hop Artist, at age 12 he wrote poetry and hid it from the world to get his emotions out. Years later a rough road hit and he met a group called Unique 4 Christ and through them and God's Grace he was set free. Started rapping and freestyling when he was 15, but saw his lyrics speak to him through God's wordplay and now is following a path of music so few have chosen to follow. God is good, and he does it for his glory alone.




CHH Artist/Lyricist/ Poet

GQ of Prime Intellects(Eddie)
Producer/ Photographer/Videographer/ Recording Engineer

OneWord AKA N8

Partial Lyrics